‘Guitar is connected to the pelvis, “says Joan Jett, attraction of Lollapalooza
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A mere dozen questions can yield more when the other side an interviewee as Joan Jett, who first come to Brazil. The American singer performs with his band the Blackhearts Lollapalooza, on April 7 in St. Paul, sold out.

In a telephone conversation with the G1, the rocker 53 years gave a few laughs and quoted Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart (“Twilight”).

She said that the passion for the features and screaming of Marc Bolan, T. vocal Rex, made ​​her sing. He recalled the end of the Runaways, all-girl punk band that played between 1976 and 1978. “It was as if my life was over age 19,” account. Read the interview:

G1 – Why do you think it took so long to play in Brazil?
Joan Jett – I always wanted to go to Brazil for many years. I’ve been told that I have fans, but we are an independent label and it’s hard to go down there without any help. Without some kind of promotion, we would not have chances to go alone.

G1 – Dave Grohl said he would like to sing ‘Bad reputation’ with you at Lollapalooza, because the Foo Fighters play the same day. What are the chances?
Joan – If he wants to do that, then I accept. We did something similar in New York a duet at Madison Square Garden, the Foo Fighters were playing and asked me to sing “Bad reputation”. We also did on Letterman [U.S. talk show]. If they want again, I’ll be happy. Let’s see.

G1 – In the U.S. tour, you always opened with ‘Bad reputation’ and played ‘I hate myself for loving you’ before the encore. It will keep the same setlist?
Joan – How is the first time in Brazil, we’re playing a pretty comprehensive selection. We’re playing all the hits, songs that younger people may not even know, has not recorded new songs … This is the way to find out what the public response before releasing them. If the audience welcome, put on the disc. The hits are in the beginning, and then a few new songs.

G1 – Many pop singers say they love their work, such as Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. Do you notice any influence of his music in their work?
Joan – It’s a great compliment when another artist says that, no matter what kind of music he sings. It can be pop, country, rock … It is an honor to know that Miley Cyrus is using my songs in their shows. We had a chance to meet, work together and I know she is a great girl. It’s nice when they like you.

G1 – Ke$ha, declared another fan, said playing guitar is ‘like having a stick.’
Joan – [Laughter] I never had a dick, so I kind of do not know, right? But for me, I feel that the guitar is always connected to the pelvis. So whether you’re male or female, is something you feel deep inside. I said to Kristen Stewart when she was playing me in “Runnaways” [2010 movie], I was screaming: “Kristen, wood b … girl.” Rock n ‘roll generates a physical response that goes beyond emotion. The rock done right makes you want to move, can not control.

G1 – Still on the film The Runaways: You said that Kristen was amazing. I know you were qu producer and followed it closely. Why do you think she was so well?
Joan – She took very seriously. When I met her, had just finished the second “Twilight” and was starting the third. He was only two weeks to prepare. We were together, reading the script, told stories of the road. I respect as an actress. She is transfixed, I studied and became me. As I walked, as I sang, it seemed to me. It captured my essence. That was impressive. She was able to imitate me so well I thought it was me singing.

G1 – When the Runaways is over, even thought about giving up music?
Joan – I thought about it. Do not know what to do. I was so sad, full of fear. It was as if my life was over age 19. Everyone was laughing and talking “we told you that girls can not play rock n ‘roll.” Luckily, I met Kenny Laguna, who became my producer, friend and entrepreneur. We’ve been together ever since. You just need someone who believes in you

G1 – You said you learned to scream trying to imitate the voice of Marc Bolan, because really listened T. Rex. What his voice is so different that made ​​you want to imitate it?
Joan – Sometimes, depends more on circumstances. I was listening to the radio, and “Bang a Gong” was a big hit. I learned to play guitar listening T. Rex, I bought the disc. And I was in love with Marc Bolan, the guy was very handsome. I loved the way he sang. I sang along and imitate sounds. When I started writing my songs, I wanted to scream, then screamed as he. He taught me.

G1 – can still be punk today?
It depends on what people consider to be punk. I always thought that being punk is to do what you want. Have your way, think things out for yourself. You can be punk now. It has more to do with attitude. Do not just get out there and say “f … up.” You gotta live your life without changing your way only for others.

G1 – You always say you never wanted his name on Google. Why not?
[Laughs] I can read 100 texts and talking and just talking evil one. It is this that will get attention. It is human nature. Everyone can say “you look great”, but if one person says “you’re terrible,” is that you will remember. I’d rather not look at these things, you know? What they will do for me?


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