Joan Jett as Wonder Woman
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The artist Cliff Chiang watched The Runaways and then drew this amazing pic! Cliff Chang satisfies every hipster geek’s fantasies with this interpretation of some of our favourite women of DC Comics. Wonder Woman is JOAN JETT. Zatanna is Slash. Batgirl on drums in what appears to be Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley makeup or just Sandy West (Batgirl with facepaint in an homage to The Dark Knight Returns’ Sons of Batman). And Black Canary is Cherie Currie!

Inspired by a late-night viewing of The Runaways, and partly an exercise to see if I could make star-spangled pants and Wonder Woman go together. The idea started with Wonder Woman (I briefly entertained using an Ian Curtis Batman) but the idea of an all-girl rock band with Black Canary, Zatanna and Batgirl seemed too good to pass up.


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